Since 2011, we have built over 35 schools in rural and tribal Ethiopia and have educated almost 10,000 preschool children. Now we have expanded and are building schools in tribal Zambia as well as Cradock, South Africa.


Our Mission

To educate children who have essentially no access to any schools in their geographical region. We provide teachers, desks and chairs, blackboards, dry latrines and educational materials at all our school sites.We teach them Amharic or their own national language, Mathematics, English, Music, Arts and Crafts. We donate all the schools to the local community and charge no one admission. When possible, we also provide school uniforms.

“There is no child too far for the reach of African Children’s Schools. We have built schools in Ethiopia from the Western border with Sudan all the way to the Eastern border with Somaliland.”
— Peter Nalos, MD, President of African Children's Schools

What We've Achieved

  • Built 35 schools in rural Ethiopia across the entire country.
  • Built 3 schools and a teachers home in tribal Zambia.
  • Built a large school for disabled children in Cradock, South Africa.
  • Started a new primary school for children in Cradock, South Africa.
  • Built 5 new classrooms for a very overcrowded public school in Cradock, South Africa.
  • Sponsored 125 orphans and very poor children going to our schools.
  • Provided sanitary latrines for all schools.
  • Given public Health Education and water treatment materials to help health conditions.